Tried everything there is to lose weight????

Then read on……………………..

At some point in most people’s lives the thought “I should lose a bit of weight” pops into their heads.

 Whether it is whilst you are trying on a new outfit at the shops, trying to keep up playing games with the kids on the weekend or just noticing that climbing that flight of stairs seems to be  just that little bit harder. Whatever the reason, instinctively you know that shedding a few kilos of accumulated fat will not only make you look better but have an impact on your health and vitality.

 For others amongst us, the battle to lose weight is an ongoing struggle in our lives. We’ve been on every diet imaginable, tried several weight loss centres, meal replacements and spent hours in the gym every week. We’ve had  some great success over the years, the clothes in our cupboard come in 3 sizes-  the ones we wear every day, the ones should be wearing and the ones we used to fit in when we went on that diet—(so I know one day I should be able to get into them again -Right?? 

But somehow we’ve ended up back where we started from or worse........ heavier

 I know from personal experience how hard it is to lose weight and keep it off.

That’s why as a Naturopath I was on a mission to get myself healthy and maintain a healthy weight so I could encourage others to follow my example..

Any weight loss program that I undertook needed to qualify in a number of areas for me:

  • It needs to teach the person on it to prepare and eat real food and focus on healthy eating habits.

  • It needs to teach the person on it how much to eat so that this becomes ingrained in their psyche.

  • It should not leave the person on it hungry at any time

  • It should ensure that all nutritional requirements (vitamins and minerals) are maintained throughout the weight loss phase.

  • It should burn fat- not lose fluid- or worse, lose protein and muscle.

  • It should not leave the person on it with saggy skin.

  • It should include some exercise.

  • It should not compromise any organs of the body due to an excess or a deficiency of one type of nutrient

  • It should not leave the person on it lethargic, without energy or feeling plain miserable or irritable.

  • It should have significant evidence behind it and have worked for people no matter what their starting point or set of circumstances- health or otherwise.

So what have I found?

I am excited to say that the Ultra Lite  Health Management System has ticked all the boxes for me. It is based on eating three meals a day of REAL Food, No Shakes and No Meal Replacements. It teaches you life long healthy eating habits and best of all you BURN FAT! 

I decided to train as an Ultra Lite Practitioner and now share the program within Wise Health and Wellness at both my Castle Hill and Galston Clinics. If you cant get to these locations dont worry I have several clients who I work with on line and they are doing fantastic!

If you’ve tried most other things, (and like me) love your food but want to shed those kilos of stored fat then don’t hesitate any longer call me at my clinic, come in have a chat about how much you want to lose and get started as soon as possible.

What have you got to lose besides fat!

Call me today on 0404468305 and see how much you can lose.